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Welcome to Shivalaya Machinery

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Business Partners and Employees

Our mission is to deliver quality products and service with an outstanding customer service and sense of urgency.

We are on a regular basis improving our manufacturing modular in order to deliver the best prices for our products and growing our product and technologies portfolio through escalate our research and development investments.We commit to work fairly with our suppliers and business partners in order to enhance a cooperation which will help both parties to grow.We work hard to make Shivalaya Machinery a good place for our employees encouraging open behaviours, integrity and respect.We will continue to invest financial and human resources for improving competencies in environmental,health and safety protection. While our roots go back more than half century ago we are leading the change of our working style to align Euticals to the best players in the industry and custom services providers.

A personal thanks to all of you for helping Shivalaya Machinery growing in future

Founder & CEO

Contact Information

Company provide e-mail addresses for key contact points, such as sales and customer support.

    +(91)-(731)-2530669/ 2545541


Postal address
     No. 1, Shivaji Nagar, Vishranti Chouraha, Behind Hukumchand Mill Indore, Madhya Pradesh - 452 003, India

Enquiries Solicited for appointing Dealership / Resident Engineers...

What We Do

Manufacturers and Suppliers a wide range of Servo Auger type pouch Packaging Machine, Collar Type Auger Filler Pouch Packaging Machine, Chute Type Pneumatic Pouch Packing Machine, Apart from these, we also offer Mosquito Mat Making Machines

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About Us

SHIVALAYA was established in the year 1979 at that time it manufacturered pharmaceuticals machines. In couple of years the company winning the trust of and after tsome time its clients gained name became a renowned name for its quality.

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Satisfy our customers' needs and expectations Make commitments we fully understand and believe we can meet all commitments to customers on time Performance Driven Verify that our products and services meet agreed requirements Monitor, benchmark

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